Drug Treatment Clinic, Bishnupur

District Hospital Bishnupur was selected as one of the emerging DTC in Manipur along with District Hospital, Thoubal and District Hospital Churachandpur as per the feasibility report. DTC, District Hospital Bishnupur has a separate dedicated contractual staff comprises of M.O, Counselor and Nurse. Dr. Ningthoujam Gyaneshwar Singh, is looking after the functioning of DTC as Nodal Officer and Dr.Ningthoujam Bino Singh, Medical Superintendent is looking after overall functioning of DTC. The contractual staffs were recruited through RRCC, RIMS and imparted Induction Training including Nodal Officer and one back-up nurse from Hospitals from ( 1 to 5) August 2016.

Under this scheme, 309 patients were registered till April 2018 in DTC Bishnupur. Out of 309 patients, we had treated 118 patients by Disulfiram, 74 patients by Naltrexone and 2 patients by Methadone. Out of 68 SUD, 58 patients have been detoxified with Buprenorphine 0.4mg and 238 ADS patients were detoxofied with Lorazepam tablets. DTC has dispensed Tablet Buprenorphine (3045), Tablet Lorazepam -1 mg (3245) and Tablet Lorazepam-2mg (6482), Tablet Naltrexone (4301), Tablet Disulfiram (6730), Capsule Becosules(24076), Inj.Optineuron (1623) and 1816 ML of Methadone etc. In financial year 2017-18, DTC has received 8,25,802 Rupees and utilized 771386.32 rupees for Staff salary, local medicine purchased and contingency etc.

DTC is running very smoothly. Patients and their family were very much supportive for DTC and even they reffered other patients of their locality to access the services available at DTC. Various stakeholders were extending their valuable support to enhance the activities at DTC. Patients’ family members and stakeholders have full expectation from the DTC to reduce harm, abstinence of drug and improving of psychosocial and becoming a productive member of the family as well as society.

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