Drug Treatment Clinic , Bhardawadi

- Municipal Drug Deaddiction Centre , Bhardawadi is 20 bedded centre started by Public Health Department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in 1992 with the aim of providing free of cost treatment services for patients suffering from Substance Use Disorders, on inpatient as well as out patient basis. It is the only centre of its kind in whole of Mumbai dedicated exclusively to treatment of patients of substance use disorders . The establishment of Drug Treatment Clinic, Bhardawadi in March 2016, at this unique setup has strengthened the deaddiction services here. The DTC comprises of a Medical Officer, Counsellor and a Staff Nurse who have been trained by the expert Staff of NDDTC and RRCC, KEM Hospital

A regular OPD is conducted between 9am to 12 30 pm,Monday to Saturday. In a short span of 4 months, its has registered around 100 patients who are all under treatment from here. Patients who are dependent on Alcohol, Opioids, Cannabis," sleeping pills"- Benzodiazepines,Tobacco, Inhalants etc are treated here . Currently medicines for short term management of Alcohol Dependence as well as those for long term management such as Disulfiram are provided free of cost to the patients. In the near future Opioid Substitute Therapy will also be available for long term OPD based management of patients dependent on opioids.

Besides pharmacological management, individual counselling sessions are conducted for dealing with patients' interpersonal and social issues. Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous meetings as well as support groups for the relatives of patients such Al-Anon are conducted here on a weekly basis.

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