Drug Treatment Clinic , New Civil Hospital Surat

Department of Psychiatry, New Civil Hospital, Surat was established in 1982 running PG courses of MD Psychiatry and DPM. Every year there are 3 MD and 1 DPM candidates admitted to MCI recognized courses. More than 100 psychiatrists are trained by our department till date. Currently, 40 beds indoor patients care facility is available in psychiatry. Approximately 200 patients attend OPD and IPD of 5000 per year. Apart from clinical outdoor and indoor psychiatric services it also provides IEC and outreach activities under DMHP- NMHP programme. De - addiction and Oral Substitution Therapy (DOST) was started at the Department on 1st December, 2011 aided by NACO and GSACS.

Drug Treatment Centre (DTC) for De-Addiction related services was started in August 2017 under NDDTC-AIIMS DTC Project in western region under DTCC-KEM. Currently, DTC offers a complete de-addiction program for alcohol, opioid, cannabis and tobacco addiction patients on outdoor basis. Medications like T. Naltrexone, T. Buprenorphine (Under OST Center), Syp. Methadone, T. Disulfiram, Nicotine Patch and Gum (under NMHP) are available free of cost to the patients. So far, in just 1.5 years, 796 patients with various addictions are registered.

DTC regularly gives services in morning 9 to 1 pm and 3 to 6 pm sessions of Individual counselling sessions, Group sessions and monthly Family meetings. DTC organizes weekly alcohol group meetings every Friday. DTC also runs Alcohol Anonymous meeting with help of volunteers every Wednesday and Sunday.

Department also has tobacco counselor deputed by district tobacco cell. Two NGO services are available at the department under DOST centre. They regularly have meeting at hotspots of IV opioid users for motivational enhancement to quit and to encourage use of single needle - syringe use under needle syringe exchange program under NACO Project.

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