Drug Treatment Clinic , Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital , Mumbai

Drug Treatment Clinic (DTC) established in October 2019 under the DDAP scheme of MoHFW is integral part of De-addiction Centre in G.T. Hospital. De-addiction Centre in G.T. Hospital established on 7th April 2018 is the first de-addiction centre run by Department of Medical Education and Research, Government of Maharashtra. The De-addiction unit was established in year 1998 in G.T. Hospital which is part of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals and prestigious, 175 years old Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai. Being one of the oldest de-addiction unit, the inflow of patients has been ever increasing with urbanization, rise in stress levels of metropolitan city across all age groups.

DTC- GTH offers free medications for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder through DDAP scheme.The State Government aimsat providing affordable and easily accessible mental health service for patients suffering from substance use disorders. To fulfil this aim, the DTC-GTH as integral part of de-addiction Centre offers outpatient services from 8:30 am to 4pm as well as 20 beded inpatient services dedicated for patients suffering from substance use disorder with the help of excellent team of trained professionals, available round the clock like doctors, nurses, counsellor and support staff. We also offer emergency services for substance use disorders with the help of physicians and surgeons. The patient visiting DTC-GTH gets advantage of a tertiary care hospital offering holistic approach and thus a better outcome under one roof. The other objectives include providing long-term rehabilitation to this population and help them in reintegration into families and society and helping them to lead a meaningful life

DTC- GTH runs a daily OPD (except Sunday and public holiday) with the help of a team of a Medical officer, a Counselor and a Staff Nurse working under the supervision and guidance of Nodal officer, Dr Sarika Dakshikar. The DTC OPD is right next to Psychiatry OPD which is an added advantage, making sure that the patients who are unaware about the DTC scheme alsomade aware of the benefits of the scheme and are registered to avail the benefits under the scheme.

DTC-GTH has good social network working hand in hand with NGOs like AA, NA and other local NGOs working in the field of Addiction Psychiatry. Being a part of Government Medical College, DTC-GTH, actively participates at District level in Nashamukt Bharat Abhiyan by conducting awareness programs and identifying and treating people. Also, DTC-GTH works in synchronized manners with law enforcement department to identify the victims of substance use disorder and treat them for better outcome, not just at medical level but at societal level at large.

The services provided are detoxification, long-term pharmacological management (opioid substitution therapy, craving-management), non-pharmacological management in form of motivation enhancement therapy, relapse prevention, psycho-education, family counseling and group therapy sessions, cognitive and behavioral therapies. Regular follow-ups of patients are conducted with Nodal officer every month to assure complete well being of patients.

Since the commencement of DTC, medications like T. Naltrexone, T. Buprenorphine, T. Buprenorphine and Nalaxone combinationand T. Disullfiramare available for free to the patients. This has proved highly beneficial to the patients and has helped them abstain from illicit drugs.Besides Pharmacotherapy, we aim to give utmost psychosocial care to our patients. Thus our clinic aims at complete short term as well as long term management of patients.

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