Drug Treatment Clinic , District Hospital Mapusa

DTC, a drug treatment clinic was started at North District Hospital, Goa in February 2018 as an outpatient clinic with a view of treating patients of substance use disorders. We are a team of a Medical officer (Psychiatrist), a counselor and a staff nurse; working under the supervision and guidance of a Nodal officer. So far (in 4 months), about 100 new patients have been registered. We have started incorporating our old substance use patients, making sure they get registered under the drug treatment clinic. Our newly refurbished OPD, being right next to Psychiatry ward, is an added advantage, making sure that the patients get registered and avail the benefits under the scheme. The drug treatment centre works in close association with the psychiatric set up to cover the co-morbid factors.

OST (Opioid Substitution Therapy) is available at our centre which involves giving daily Methadone to the patients. Apart from deaddiction services, counseling will also provided at the centre. The centre is open from Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm & Saturday 9 am to 12 PM.

Like all the DTCs, this DTC also provide medicines free of cost. Moreover, it has also been decided, that the DTCs will provide community based services in form of awareness programs in schools and colleges, Training Programs for non-Mental Health Personnel and intersectoral participation of Police, Judiciary and NGOs.

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