Kotla Mubarakpur, Drug Treatment Clinic, AIIMS

Under the DDAP scheme, the Drug Treatment Clinic at Kotla Mubarakpur is primarily an initiative of Department of Psychiatry and National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, AIIMS to provide treatment and long-term rehabilitation for homeless, substance users. The clinic is the third community clinic of the department. The primary aim of the clinic are to engage the homeless population for treatment of the substance use issues. The other objectives include providing long-term rehabilitation to this population in form of occupational therapy, reintegration into families and society and helping them lead a meaningful life.

The clinic has a full-time staff consisting of a medical officer, counselor and nurse. The clinic caters to all substances of use including inhalants, cannabis, alcohol, and various forms of opioids. The services provided are: detoxification, long-term pharmacological management (opioid substitution therapy, craving-management), non-pharmacological management in form of motivation enhancement therapy, relapse prevention, psycho-education, family counseling and group therapy sessions

The clinic also has an associated Drop-in centre (DIC), an initiative of SPYM, has been in operation since October 2006 in Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi. The centre is primarily for the IDUs who are homeless in order to provide them a place to live and avail the services provided by the centre. It is a shelter home (both day and night) along with the residential treatment facilities. The services provided by DIC are the TI services such as, Needle exchange program, referrals to ICTC and other free medical services(ART, DOTS, HIV testing), treatment of abscess, safe sex education and condom distribution and provision of midday meal and tea. Second, it also provides residential care for individuals with severe psychosocial issues.

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