Drug Treatment Clinic , Shri Bhausaheb Hire Government Medical college and hospital

Established in 1989, Shri Bhausaheb Hire Government Medical college and Hospital is a State run Government Medical college and Hospital. Department of Psychiatry is an integral part of SBHGMC as it provides in-Patient and out-patient facilities to large number of patients from around 5 districts including Maharashtra,Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh . OPD is located at ground floor of main OPD building with Special OPD No.19, General OPD No. 20, Learning Disability OPD No.21, and Separate Drug Treatment Clinic Unit (Coordinated by NDDTC AIIMS,New Delhi),SBHGMC,Chakkarbardi Parisar,Malegaon Road,Dhule-424001.

Over years mental illness was stigma in society but with growing awareness many people reach to us without vacillating, we have utmost possible medications with various treatment modalities with indoor facilities. Residents and Senior faculties are available for general OPD, learning disability clinic, psychiatric disability clinic and special counseling sessions for all including child guidance clinic, and gender perspective in assault cases. A separate Drug Treatment Clinic is establised in 2019 and is first unit in Maharashtra among all state government run medical colleges, having separate Medical officer, Counsellor and Staff Nurse for drug dependent or any substance dependent patients for treatment and counselling. The clinic currently caters Alcohol and Cannabis dependent Patients.Medicines available include Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Benzodiazapines,Multi-vitamins,etc.

We try to reach people and society through awareness campaign as per WHO and National Mental Health Program by conducting camps, lectures, seminars and role-plays for various mental illnesses especially for suicide prevention and Substance use disorders. Besides Pharmacotherapy, we aim to give utmost Psychosocial care to our patients.

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