Drug Treatment Clinic , Madras Medical College,Kilpauk , Chennai


The Institute of Mental Health, Chennai, is a premier Institute that has been a second home to several lakh patients for over 100 years. Our institution is also a Post-graduate training center for innumerable students over the past 50 years. We currently also have started (since June 1st 2019) an exclusive Drug Treatment Clinic (DTC) in collaboration with the AIIMS, New Delhi, under the NDDTC scheme (National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre)to tackle the menace of Drug abuse & Dependence. The DTC caters to all substance use related problems (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, inhalants, Opioids etc.)

Our DTC currently treat all substance related disorders by offering both Out-patient and In-patient services. We provide Naltrexone (50mg), Disulfiram (250mg) to the patients free of cost, our DTC also offers individual and group therapy sessions through a trained counselor on a weekly basis to patients and their families in addition to services offered by associations like Alcoholic Anonymous and Al-Anon, who provide once week session to the patients and their relatives respectively within the hospital campus. Our DTC also conducts awareness programs in schools and other institutions as per their requirement, the aim being facilitation of early identification and treatment of addiction related problems at various from children to adults.

Since the use of Tobacco in various forms is very rampant in this part of the country we also provide referral services (to the dental department) for the clients who are identified with various stages of Oral sub-mucosal fibrosis as this disorder is highly prevalent among our community.

We thus aim to provide holistic treatment not only to the patient but also the family and community, thereby preparing for a better Nation for the future generations.

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