New Modern Psychiatry Hospital (NMPH) and DTC Agartala

Tripura being North Eastern State surrounded by Bangladesh in its 3 sides and small land connection with Assam and Mizoram, it has already become an easy transit of drugs being nearer to the Golden Triangle. Last decade has been a considerable increase in Drug Addiction especially of Opioid groups in both chasing and injectable forms. Setting up of De - Addiction Centre and Addiction Clinic is need of the hour here. DTC Agartala is located at Modern Psychiatric Hospital Complex, Narsingarh, Agartala. This is the first ever dedicated Addiction Clinic at Agartala as well as at Tripura, functional since August 2019. Located 2.5 kms east from Agartala Airport. DTC Agartala is serving a huge number of patients on Drug Addiction, especially opioid use disorder patients including PWIDs and the number is much increasing day by day. DTC Agartala has been a blessing for SUD patients in the state and establishing more number of DTCs in various districts will be more helpful in combating this social menace.

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