Department of Psychiatry, King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital, Mumbai

Bombay Drug De-addiction Centre of Excellence has been started in KEM hospital since 1992. It offers a complete de-addiction programme for alcohol, opioid and cannabis addict patients on indoor and outdoor basis. It is a Centre recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Since the commencement of DTC, medications like T. Naltrexone, T. Buprenorphine, T. Buprenorphine- naloxone, Syp. Methadone is available free to the patients. This has proved highly beneficial to our patients and has helped them abstain from illicit drugs.

DTC regularly Individual counselling sessions , Group sessions and Weekly Family meetings .Along with this regular follow-ups of clients are conducted with Nodal officer every month to assure complete well being of clients and to solve problems of clients, if any. Our centre maintains complete confidentiality for Male as well as Female clients coming for treatment.

Besides pharmacotherapy, our clinic provides comprehensive care to all substance users which include psychosocial interventions as well. It also has an occupational therapy department for the indoor and outdoor patients. Along with this, there are weekly meetings by Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. This has helped in the social and vocational rehabilitation of needy patients which has helped in their re- integration into the society. We also conduct regular group therapy sessions for patients and psych educational groups for caregivers. Thus our clinic aims at complete short term as well as long term management of patients.

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